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Thank you for contacting EnTek Remote Computer Services (entekpc.com).  I appreciate your site visit.

I provide Computer Technician Services by connecting remotely to your computer in minutes. I provide services to ANYWHERE IN THE USA. My customers are very important to me, so I sincerely appreciate you viewing my website and the services that are available to you. I am an American and speak English

clearly and well. Additionally, I have a policy that if I cannot fix your computer issue there is no charge for the service call and no attempt will be made to charge you for something you did not want or need.


I am a dedicated computer support professional with over 15 years of experience.  Just like most of you I do not want to be without a computer for even a day. So I have the utmost dedication in keeping your desktop or laptop computers up and running at all times. Please contact me if you are in need of assistance and I will be happy to help you.



​I provide support for computer software programs, antivirus & security, network routers, firewalls, scanners and printers.  Do you need email setup?  I am the Microsoft Outlook Professional that you need.  I can customize the settings of your computer however you like. I include comprehensive support for all PC components,   I can also regularly tune-up your PC by removing temporary files, unwanted
files, registry fixes, checking and defragmenting your hard drives.  I will do a system update to make
sure your computer has all the latest updates available.



As a super easy added bonus you will not have to bring your computer in for repair as I connect remotely in minutes using TeamViewer the Leading Secure Remote Connectivity Platform Software. 

I can Remotely access, manage, and support computers, mobile devices, network machines, and more from anywhere, anytime with a secure connection.TeamViewer for free personal use. 

Download Teamviewer for free by clicking here.



T: 1-727-386-9391

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